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ichinscratchy v0.2.1, released on April, 9th 2017 changes from v0.2.0

New features:

  • database changes: added new fields to indicators_daily: HH_atr_period, LL_atr_period
  • added config file option SIGNAL_EXECUTION_SUNDAYS. If set to false, signals that occur on sundays are not executed. This can easily happen depending on users local time/date: When some markets open on monday morning, in other regions of the world it is still sunday evening
  • colored terminal output: errors -> red, warnings -> yellow, cyan -> SL, green -> signals
  • streamlined/shortened terminal output for signal/SL execution
  • colored html output: green -> uptrend/long, red -> downtrend/short, blue -> not trending
  • integrated persistence1D library to find local minima and maxima in price data (see
  • added config file option ICHI_KUMO_CONFIRM. If set to true for a Kumo breakout to be valid the price has to make a higher high/lower low on close above/below previous (horizontal) reaction high/ reaction low. This drastically improves signal quality of Kumo breakouts at the cost of making a Kumo breakout a pretty rare event. This filter is the first benefit of integrating the persistence1d library into ichinscratchy codebase (more to come :))


  • Chandelier Stop now correctly use the SL_CHANDELIER_ATR_PERIOD nr. of days to determine highest highs/lowest lows (see database change). Prior to this fix the hh26/ll26 was used.
  • fixed situation when initial SL (Chandelier) is above price for long or below price for short position. This can happen in situation when there were sharp volatility changes in past. Fallback is to use the percentage stop for those situations
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