Today the first 2 signals of this week were triggered by:

The signal in Coffee deserves special attention, as this marks the end of a longer downtrend- at least by Ichimoku definition, this market is now in an uptrend.

For details see below.

If you want to have a look at my system and/or play around with the code, have a look at The Ichinscratchy trading system.

Development is continuing over there at gitlab:

An excerpt from the output generated by my program:

== Signal: 2017-07-18 HSI, long Tenkan/Kijun Cross Golden X @ 26524.90
== Signal: 2017-07-18 Coffee, long Kumo breakout from falling Kumo @ 134.70

For the visual-oriented amongst my audience, the corresponding charts (click to see the large chart).


Hang Seng Index ichimoku chart


Hang Seng Index ichimoku chart

Wish you relaxing trading!

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