Chinese Hang Seng index made a strong short signal today. This is the 4th strong short signal in a row, each one on a lower price level and so confirming the downtrend.

Palladium on the other hand fell a pretty long way from last high and is now in a downtrend by Ichimoku standards. For signal details and chart please see below.

If you want to have a look at my system and/or play around with the code, have a look at The Ichinscratchy trading system

Development is continuing over there at gitlab:

An excerpt from the output generated by my program:

==== Executable signal: 2016-12-21  HSeng  short  Tenkan/Kijun Cross  Death X at 21809.80078
==== Executable signal: 2016-12-21  Palladium  short  Kumo breakout  from falling Kumo at 657.50000

For the visual-oriented amongst my audience, the corresponding chart (click to see the large chart).

SMI contrast

 And Palladium:

Palladium contrast


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