As mentioned in my last weekly overview posting, I now apply a chikou-span trend filter to all strong signals, which does increase signal quality (will post some backtests soon). However, today only one lonely signal occured: a Palladium strong long (which would be the only on with or without the mentioned filter).

For details of the generated system see output below. The trading system used is currently under heavy development, the signal generation already works and is considered stable (see weekly ichimoku analysis).

An excerpt from the output generated by my program:

==== Executable signal: 2016-11-14  Palladium  long  Kumo breakout  from falling Kumo at 693.62 --> executed!


Total time: 185.278000 ms

If you look at the chart below, you can see that a) Kumo is falling at the moment and b) a similar signal occured 4 periods more or less the same price level, which did not trigger a real rally. So be carefull!

For the visually-biased amongst my audience, the two corresponding charts (click to see the large chart).

Palladium contrast



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