The Ichimoku system scanning 20 markets is kept busy: it generated three new strong short signals today on the daily timeframe: Cotton and Dow Jones Index.

For details of the generated system see output below. The trading system used is currently under heavy development, the signal generation already works and is considered stable (see weekly ichimoku analysis).

An excerpt from the output generated by my program:

==== Executable signal: 2016-10-25  Cotton  short  Kumo breakout  from falling Kumo at 68.50
==== Executable signal: 2016-10-25  DOW  short  Kijun Cross  Death X at 18170.20
==== Executable signal: 2016-10-25  DOW  short  Kumo breakout  from rising Kumo at 18170.20

Looks like Cotton generated 2 false long signals last week as the price went right down through the Kumo, where the lower boundary at least temporary held as resistance. Dow Jones on the contrary, confirmed a short signal last week (without any significant movement of the price since then).

For the visually-biased amongst my audience, the two corresponding charts (click to see the full chart). I cleaned them up a bit, neutral and weak signals are no longer displayed (have to clean up the legend, as well).

Cotton first:

cotton small

and finally the Dow Jones:

DOW small

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